The project Superforeningen – Aalborg will consist of three parts:


  1. Public Performance as walking tour/dialogue (between different foreningen buidings)
  2. Performative Launch Event and Happening (at Himmerland Boligforening Skylounge)
  3. Dissemination of artist objects as public artwork – tote bags, installed flags

Date: 29/9/2021 – 30/9/2021 12:00 – 18:00

The Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures will be documenting, conversing, and interacting with local foreningskultur located in the transition zones between urban and ecological spaces along Aalborg’s Limfjord.


This is part of the artistic exploration SUPERFORENINGEN AALBORG – the fourth chapter of a broader public art engagement titled Alternative Limfjord Ecologies.  In this iteration, Denmark’s unique forenings (or associations) that frame and react to the space around Aalborg’s Limfjord will be a point of departure for artistic investigation.  The Limfjord forening’s future in Aalborg remains unclear, especially in a rapidly transitioning cityscape of real estate development, demographic shifts, and coastal climate change.  What future roles forenings will play in the city’s ongoing transformation process and future remains to be seen…

Feel free to join the ongoing investigation with artist Scott William Raby in Aalborg.

*To participate, send a direct message to Scott William Raby on Instagram during project hours to receive a meeting location along the fjord…

The project is supported by SLKS, AKKunstfond, and Statens Kunstfond.







Photo credit: Rikke Ehlers Nielsen